Have you ever driven through one of those, “Blast from the Past” towns that make you feel like you are in a scene from the Andy Griffith Show? A “Red White and Blue” town that reminds you of a time that was a little more rustic, classic, and of course, as American as it gets!

However, how many of those Classically American towns also happen to have an emerging music scene? The Oklahoma Music Hall of Fame is beginning to make Muskogee just that! Therefore, if you love America, you will love, “The Hall”, in Muskogee and their budding live music scene!

The Oklahoma Music Hall of Fame features local grown talent and highlights the staggering amount of incredible talent that has been birthed out of right here in Oklahoma, and even Muskogee itself in many cases!

Filming the The Oklahoma Music Shop TV show every Thursday night with eXpect3 Productions is something I look forward to doing every week! Now to be fair, I am getting paid to be there and technically it is work but, I love it! Now, I would imagine grabbing a cold one, while kicking back watching a show there, has got to be even better!

So once again, if you love America, freedom, and pretty much just anything that’s awesome, then you should definitely watch the show on Saturdays and you should absolutely come check out the, “The Hall” in Muskogee, and kick it with us! Featuring Oklahoma Red Dirt, Jazz, Funk, Blues, Rock and Roll, and Country music! You name it…we got it! I hope to see you there!

Tune in Saturdays at 11:30am in OKC on KSBI & in Tulsa on The CW at 3:30pm.

Written by: Tony Ranalli