Most people don’t know how much work goes into putting on a show like this, truth is, I’m not sure that I did! But for those of you that do, you know how relieved and excited we are to have the first episode aired! And for those of you, who don’t know, just take my word for it…there are big smiles around eXpect3 Productions right now!

I’ve laughed more during the production of this show than you should be allowed to laugh and still get paid! We’ve got a great crew and great hosts at the Oklahoma Music Hall Of Fame, not to mention great artist that share in the jokes and fun as much as anyone!

I’ve definitely learned a few things since the beginning of this process:

  1. I learned that Harley Hamm loves popcorn! I know what you are thinking, “Don’t we all?” No! You don’t understand! Harley loves his popcorn! I think he plays shows just so he can take home the popcorn afterwards! We are considering an intervention.
  1. That Johnny Rogers never breaks Character on, or off the stage! So I hope you like Elvis Presley, or whomever else he turns into that evening!
  1. That having myself, the Director- Mike Godefrin, and the Audio Engineer- Van Rissinghem all wearing headsets during filming, leads to crippling fits of laughter (I think I lost headset privileges) that leave us crying and catching our breath!

I’ve learned a lot while filming this show but the biggest thing I’ve learned is; music, like all creative arts, is for people! Music helps people, laugh, cry, love, and inspire to live better! That’s what I think the folks at the Oklahoma Music Hall Of Fame understand! It’s not about consumerism and record deals, it’s about playing some dang good music and having a dang good time!

I can’t wait to see you at the Oklahoma Music Shop! And as my friend Harley Hamm likes to say, “Stay funky!”

Don’t forget to check out The Oklahoma Music Shop each Saturday at 11:30am in OKC on KSBI and at 3:30pm in Tulsa on The CW.

Written by:

Tony Ranalli