Well it’s been a little bit since I’ve written about the Oklahoma Music Shop, a lot has happened so sit down grab your popcorn and enjoy the ride! We had Alaska and Madi bring old Country Rock mixed with young charm to The Hall. The “Nicnos” brought the house down sounding like, “Led Zeppelin” and “Lynyrd Skynyrd” had a modern rock baby, with hints of classic rock and what I call “Gospel Rock” specifically in their song “Riverbed”! Then most recently “Uncle Lucius” showed us how great music can be when you refuse to be classified as one genre or another! Describing them is difficult but still fun. In a word, I felt like they took the audience on a journey!

Their songs are stories of life, its joys, sorrows, struggles and victories. However I know some of you reading this are like “But Tony! What do they actually sound like!” So for those of you who are forcing me to describe them in terms of musical nomenclature, I’d say that they are a rockin, roots, blues, jazz, Mumford and Sons’ish/Johnny Cash’ish, mashup…Yeah I know…But you forced me to do it. Some bands try to make it by settling into a genre and doing that genre better than others, and then there are bands who unapologetically invent a sound all their own. Those are the special moments in history where a new sound is given voice for the first time, times where a band or artist takes the next step in the ever magical evolution of music. These bands don’t belong in a genre and it would be a sin to try and put them in one!

Both “Nicnos” and “Uncle Lucius” fall under this category. I have rarely been so impressed with a band and the fact that I’ve seen band after band of this caliber come through The Oklahoma Music Hall of Fame in little Muskogee Oklahoma, makes me think that something special is coming to the Oklahoma music scene…that already has a pretty amazing musical resume!

Come out and see us recording the TV show live, and of course check out the show coming soon in 2018!


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