The last couple months have been a fun ride filming with eXpect3! Every week at the Oklahoma Music Hall of Fame different artists have been performing their hearts out in Muskogee Oklahoma! The Oklahoma Music Shop is as varied as it comes. Already we’ve recorded, Rock and Roll, Jazz, Blues, Country and much more.

It’s always fresh and new at the O.K. Music Hall of Fame, the only consistent theme; it is always awesome and it is always fun. I realized how truly diverse it is just last night. One week ago two young up and comers; Alaska and Madi brought “old country” to the stage with their own young twist, but then last night the same stage was filled with walking legends! Jimmy Markham and the Tulsa Sound All-Stars were a delightful blast from the past!

Listening to Jimmy and the gang talk in our interview was like being taken into a time machine of music history. Through stories with guys like Eric Clapton and Leon Russell, the quality of these musicians is clear before they even take the stage! But when they did take the stage, oh when they did… I was left speechless!

I’ve rarely had the pleasure of seeing a band with that much talent, experience, and soul performing live! Jimmy and the Tulsa Sound All-Stars are legends in my book, and it’s a pretty reliable book!

If you didn’t catch the show live then I highly recommend you check out our website to find out about upcoming episodes or just watch them all! Because you can’t go wrong with the Oklahoma Music Shop!

Oklahoma Music Shop coming soon in 2018!

Written by:
Tony Ranalli