Working as an Associate Producer on the crew of the Oklahoma Music Shop has been one of the most amazing professional experiences of my career. The Oklahoma Music Hall of Fame management team and the Production crew have fused into one big family. Going to work every Thursday to film the show feels like a reunion, and… Read More

Well it’s been a little bit since I’ve written about the Oklahoma Music Shop, a lot has happened so sit down grab your popcorn and enjoy the ride! We had Alaska and Madi bring old Country Rock mixed with young charm to The Hall. The “Nicnos” brought the house down sounding like, “Led Zeppelin” and… Read More

The last couple months have been a fun ride filming with eXpect3! Every week at the Oklahoma Music Hall of Fame different artists have been performing their hearts out in Muskogee Oklahoma! The Oklahoma Music Shop is as varied as it comes. Already we’ve recorded, Rock and Roll, Jazz, Blues, Country and much more. It’s… Read More

Have you ever driven through one of those, “Blast from the Past” towns that make you feel like you are in a scene from the Andy Griffith Show? A “Red White and Blue” town that reminds you of a time that was a little more rustic, classic, and of course, as American as it gets!… Read More

Most people don’t know how much work goes into putting on a show like this, truth is, I’m not sure that I did! But for those of you that do, you know how relieved and excited we are to have the first episode aired! And for those of you, who don’t know, just take my… Read More

Excitement is high and deadlines are close here at eXpect3 Production, Marketing, and Consulting! Why? I’m glad you asked! This week we roll out our very first episode of the Oklahoma Music Shop. What at is that? I’ll tell you… The Oklahoma Music Hall Of Fame in Muskogee, Oklahoma is a wonderful undiscovered jewel. That… Read More