Hankerin 4 Hank is one of those magical acts that takes you out of the here and now and transports you to another time and place. Jim Paul Blair absolutely embodies the spirit of Hank Williams. If you close your eyes at a show, you’d swear it was the 1940s, you were sitting in the Grand Ole opry, and Hank himself was serenading you. The most amazing part…you open your eyes and you’d swear you were looking at him. Jim had his suit made by the same family who made Mr. Williams’ suits for him, and even wears the same style of boots. Pair all this with an amazing band featuring; Virgil Bonham, Clifford Parrett, Cory Wyatt, Mickey Flatt, and Dana Hazzard, and top it all off with Steve Cannon the announcer and you’ve got one heck of a show!

A night with Hankerin 4 Hank will take you through the fascinating life of the legendary Hank Williams. Cannon sets each scene and Jim and the boys encompass that time and place bringing you along on their ride through history. The banter between Blair and the rest of the band will have you grinning from ear to ear.

Jim Paul Blair is the son of former Texas Playboys member, Ramona Reed. Bob Wills, Tommy Allsup, Eldon Shamblin, and Bobby Koefer’s music influenced Blair immensely and helped develop his love of that classic country style. Jim plays guitar and banjo and has played with various bands along the years including The Red Valley Barnstormers and Garth Brooks.

After moving to Oklahoma City in 1984 he and now band mates, Virgil and Cliff, joined him in several other bands over the next five years. A move to Nashville had Blair becoming one of the original members of The Neverly Brothers and The Neverly Hillbillies.

If you always wanted to see Hank Williams in concert, this is for sure the next best thing. They are a truly talented bunch of musicians.

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