Lee Roy Parnell is part of a long line of Texas roots-music eclectics and is among the elite few who can be identified as a triple threat. An ace guitarist, as well as a distinctive singer, and hit songwriter, his music runs the gamut of diversity. Combining the influences of Blue-Eyed Soul, Delta Blues, Road… Read More

Hankerin 4 Hank is one of those magical acts that takes you out of the here and now and transports you to another time and place. Jim Paul Blair absolutely embodies the spirit of Hank Williams. If you close your eyes at a show, you’d swear it was the 1940s, you were sitting in the… Read More

Johnny Rogers was born in Chicago to parents that were born in the southern states of Kentucky and Tennessee. His father was a radio personality in the late 40’s and early 50’s, who crossed paths with some of the biggest legends of music history Elvis, Hank Sr., George Jones, Lefty Frizel, Marty Robbins and Conway… Read More

Jimmy “Junior” Markham is a Tulsa blues legend whose influence has spread around the world.… Read More

Roy Clark – Part 1 Roy Clark – Part 2 Roy Clark is an entertainer’s entertainer. His music has taken him around the world and into the of millions of fans across the globe. Roy has been wowing audiences with his instrumental virtuosity, comedy, and charm since first taking the stage as part ofhis father’s… Read More

There are numerous interpretations as to just exactly what Red Dirt Music is, but far fewer arguments as to where it originated…Stillwater, Oklahoma is the birthplace of Red Dirt Music. Now some say it sounds like a mixture of Western Swing, Bluegrass, Rock, Folk, Country, Blues, & Honky Tonk; while other simply state that it… Read More

Kevin Welch is an American country music artist. At age of 7 his family moved to Midwest City, Oklahoma. After graduating high school, Kevin began touring with various bands including; New Rodeo and Blue Rose Cafe. Kevin has charted five singles on the Billboard Hot Country Songs charts over his career and has released eight… Read More

Harley Hamm is the archetype of Country! With a cross between “country gentleman charm” and “Good old country boy swagger” plus a healthy dose of talent, Harley seems like a character plucked from a Tom Clancy novel. Harley belongs on stage like a fish belongs in water! Combining soul filled, Blues and Funk fusion, with… Read More

Byron Berline is a three-time National Fiddle Champion who turned to a musical career after earning a B. A. in Physical Education at the University of Oklahoma. Originally from Oklahoma where he began playing the fiddle at age 5, Byron lived and worked in Los Angeles for 26 years before returning to his home state… Read More

Nicnōs delivers a show that exudes high energy, strong vocals, and talented instrumentation that intrigues you, and be ready to fall in love with their original sound showcased on their debut album, Nicnōs. Enjoy their showmanship and feed off their energy! This five piece band from Oklahoma City is on the rise and has played… Read More